Are you worried about your child’s speech or language development?

Child having therapy

Is your two year-old child not using two word phrases yet?

As children of this age are not able to do direct therapy, work is done though Parent-Child Interaction advice and practice.

I am licenced to provide the    It Takes Two to Talk programme as a 1:1 parent programme.

Is your child’s speech difficult to understand?

Some children find it difficult to develop the full range of speech sounds needed to speak clearly. I can assess your child’s speech sounds and provide the therapy needed.

Is your child having difficulty learning to read?

If your child’s speech was unclear when they were younger, they may not be able to manipulate sounds well enough to decode for reading. I can assess this ability and give advice for home and school.

 Is your child silent in some situations?

Some children have an anxiety disorder called Selective Mutism. This means that in some situations they talk freely (often at home) and in others they do not talk at all, or only a little (often at school).

I have been trained by the UK’s expert in Selective Mutism, Maggie Johnson, and can help diagnose and treat this socially crippling condition.

I am proud to be a Trustee of SMiRA, the UK Selective Mutism Charity. Check out their brilliant Facebook support group as well

Useful links

More information about Speech, Language and Communication needs for children can be found on the Talking Point website.

This is a great illustration of the complexity of coordinating your lips, jaw, tongue, voice and palate for speech: