Happy Customers

Happy Customer – Unclear Speech

“Just over a year ago I took my 3 year old little boy to see Susannah, he could only say a couple of words.
Today he is now talking in sentences!
Never thought we would see the day we would have to ask him to “be quiet & let someone else talk”!!
I cannot recommend Susannah enough! She has been absolutely brilliant, encouraging and supportive to A (& myself!) With Susannah’s help, advice & practise at home we have been amazed how much A’s speech has developed!
Thank you Susannah so much, not only have you helped Alfie but we have also gained a friend xx”
T 2017

Happy Customers – Transgender Voice

“The sessions I had with you increased my confidence in my voice no end. One measure of the success of your input is that I cannot think of a single instance when I have been mis-gendered during a telephone conversation. I completed all the physical aspects of my journey by the end of 2014, and since then it’s just been a matter of getting on with my life: I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.”

J, 2017

“Working with Susannah was instructive, confidence-building and fun. As an older transgender male-to-female, I found her mix of guidance, information and encouragement just what I needed as I transitioned publicly. We were able to talk together about the issues that matter and that affect more than just the voice; and she was sensitive and direct, so I felt I made quick but solid progress, and I now feel happy that I found my new and honest voice. And she was able to provide support through her links with other transgender clients. I was sorry when we completed the training – I’ll miss the sessions.”

M, 2017

“Susannah has helped to change my life beyond my voice; a lovely human and an excellent professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

E, 2017

“A review from a trans women perspective: Since coming out I have struggled with a passing, a large portion of this is due to my voice. Susannah has been more than professional, she has been friendly, helpful and inspiring, going as far showing me blogs of successful other trans women. Susannah tailored her lessons for me, explaining the anatomy of the voice in detail helping me learn how to control my voice, speaking in a manner much more like me.
I am ecstatic to say since learning to use my voice properly I have been able to pass much more efficiently, I can not thank her enough :)”
C, 2018
My voice had been one of the biggest things holding me back and hurting my self-confidence until my sessions with Speech Freedom. Susannah has not only helped me to find the voice that, for the first time, feels like it’s truly my own, but given me the tools to grow more confident and assured over time. Susannah is excellent at putting even an anxious person like myself at ease, and each session has been a joy. Every one has been productive, informative, reassuring and confidence-building; this has felt like the biggest and most empowering step in my transition so far!
J, 2019
One of my biggest worries whilst transitioning was whether I could gain a feminine voice. I knew that I would need some guidance regarding this, so after I looked into this online, I found & contacted Susannah. I’m glad I did.
From my very first session Susannah made me feel at ease.She was patient & easy to talk to.
Susannah taught me techniques & gave me the tools to be able to feminize my voice which has boosted my confidence. Thank you.
T, 2020
Susannah really helped with finding my female voice and I was exceptionally happy when I was gendered correctly over the phone shortly after! The resources provided a great way to practice on my own and develop with great coaching during our sessions. Susannah was also a pleasure to have sessions with and never failed to put me in a good mood for days after.
S, 2021

Susannah has been better than I could have ever hoped in helping me find and be confident in my trans voice. Before I started with Speech Freedom my voice was breathy, unconvincing and I lacked all confidence with it. After only 3-4 sessions though I am confident in using my feminine voice every day thanks to Susannah and her therapy.

Susannah was friendly and honest throughout, and was able to teach me in a way I understood and could practise at my own pace. Thank you so much.

I, 2021

I contacted Susannah after 4 months of trying to feminise my voice on my own with the help of some YouTube videos. We discussed what my goals were, what I wasn’t happy with regarding my current progress and also identified some unhealthy habits I had picked up whilst practicing in private.

As other reviews have said, Susannah is fun, friendly, professional and I saw results within only a couple of sessions! My voice prior to Speech Freedom was too forced and sounded put on as well as being difficult to maintain for any period of time, so I was mis-gendered on phone calls more often than not. Now with Susannah’s training my voice sounds much more natural and is far less difficult to maintain and phone calls have been far more successful!

I cannot recommend her highly enough; Susannah has given me a freedom to speak in public that I wasn’t sure I would ever achieve.

E, 2021

Working with Susannah had been an absolute delight. The progress we made with my voice is incredible and has made a hugely positive impact on my life. Before I was very self conscious of talking, as though I may pass, my voice always gave me away. This is no longer the case, I am now almost always gender correctly, even on the phone. I would never have thought my voice could be this good. Thank you.

S, 2021

As the parent of a trans teen, it has been amazing to see how quickly they found and settled into their new voice under Susannah’s expert, caring and light-hearted tuition. She made the whole process straightforward and entertaining, and it has been an important step in C’s journey of self-discovery. Thanks so much!
T, 2021
I started working with Susannah at the end of November last year as I was anxious to find my voice. Being a transgender woman I was very conscious my voice didn’t match my persona and wanted help with this. In just 6 short lessons I now have my female voice and I love it. Susannah is fun to work with, and knows how to get results, I can’t thank her enough.
R, 2022
Thank you for all your efforts with my voice, I’ve found that my confidence with using my voice is increasing and I’m now being generally gendered correctly. I’ve found your style and approach of teaching very freeing as you’ve taught me the skills to manage and alter any aspects of my voice I dislike. Thank you for making this an easy experience and being so welcoming.
P, 2022
A great big thank you as I am hugely grateful for you help in finding my new voice!
Your sessions have been super informative and really great fun. I’ve found the workings and tones of my voice so intriguing, and I just can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done and shown me.
L, 2022

Happy Customer – Selective Mutism

I am a mum of a child that has been diagnosed with selective mutism anxiety disorder.

I have been looking for a speech therapist that will guide us through the process of helping our child.

I have come across of few speech therapists but it was only Susannah who not only gave us knowledge but also worked out the right path to follow.

She helped me to incorporate strategies to help my daughter.

She supported me and guided me with her honest approach and emotional understanding.

She has pointed out things that we should work on as well as gave us ideas to apply in real life.

Susannah is not only a great specialist but also a very warm person who always gave me a lot hope and enthusiasm in sometimes frustrating and difficult process of helping a selective mute child.

She is insightful, very organized and has a wonderful sense of humor. I would highly recommend her!

Thank you Susannah!”

A, Dec 2015

I just thought I would update you on F’s progress. He has been so so brave and has come in leaps and bounds. On Tuesday he managed to do a school presentation in front of a video camera and one of his friends. He has started to read aloud in class at an audible level. Next year he will be going into year 4 and the school and I will continue with his bravery chart, communication book and added support.
Thank you Susannah as without your initial help/advice we would not be where we are today with a young boy who is growing in confidence. 
Kind Regards, 
G, July 2018
I have been suffering from selective mutism for years. Daily activities such as social interactions at work, grocery shopping, or even answering phone calls made me extremely anxious. I had considered myself as a hopeless case until I met Susannah, who helped me to realise and better understand my feelings and thoughts. Susannah is very knowledgeable and empathetic. Her therapeutic tools, which I have implemented into my daily life, helped me to speak again! I am immensely grateful for her support and would not hesitate to recommend her to those, who like me, struggled with selective mutism.
A, 2021

Thank you Susannah for helping my 20 year old twin daughters get through University with their Selective Mutism. Susannah has shared her amazing techniques which my daughters now incorporate into their daily life to increase their confidence and achieve any goal. Susannah has proved that anything is possible.

X and Y have just received their University results.  They have both received a First Class Degree.

I just wanted to thank you for all the help and support you have given. They wouldn’t have achieved these results without your guidance.  Thank you for helping with the support plan. It really helped reduce their anxiety during their final year.

The day after our last session together, Y received a phone call from the hospital.  They had arranged a date for her surgery which was the following week.  She was able to speak to the doctors and nurses and even spoke to other patients at the hospital.  She was able to stay in the hospital for three nights without being allowed any visitors.  She is still recovering from her surgery  as it was a very big procedure so it has been quite a stressful time.

X managed to do her 45 minute music recital and was surprised as she did not have much anxiety whilst she was performing. She was originally really stressed and anxious however she used your amazing techniques which helped her on the day.  She was scared of walking through the door and entering the stage after hearing the bell. She was also worried about the sound of the bell.  She gave everything a number and worked on reducing the numbers.  Every day she spent around 10 minutes standing outside the door of the recital hall.  After many attempts the number started to reduce.  She also bought a bell to practice hearing the sound and walking through the door. She kept repeating until it was boring.  All of your techniques have really worked and we talk about them every day.

Since finishing University they are still working hard with their tasks.  They have both joined the gym.  They have been attending different classes and doing things that make them uncomfortable. I just can’t thank you enough for everything you have taught them.  They are hoping to start their driving lessons soon too which they are anxious about.  They do still find lots of things difficult but always use your techniques to break down each task.

N, mother of X and Y, 2022