LSVT – Voice Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Clinic room

Do you have Parkinson’s disease?

89% of people with Parkinson’s develop speech problems in the early stages of the disease.

In later stages 100% of people have speech difficulties.

It is easier to learn the techniques for a stronger voice in the early stages and then maintain it in later stages, than to start working on your voice once it is a big issue for you.

Do people complain that they can’t hear you?

People with Parkinson’s speak quietly, but don’t realise that they are doing so.

They think that the rest of the world, including their dog, has gone deaf!

Does your voice sound hoarse?

Does your face lack facial expression?

I can help

is evidence based, internationally recognised and NICE recommended in the UK for voice problems associated with Parkinson’s disease.

It is an intensive programme of therapy sessions, based on exercise science, that retrains your speech and voice in a way that, research has shown, still has benefits two years past the end of therapy.

The aim is for clients to be able to use their stronger, clearer voice at home and work, on the phone and wherever else they need to speak.

The positive effects of LSVT can also impact on facial expression and swallowing.

After therapy LSVT clients need to continue to practice a short set of exercises daily.


This short video from LSVT Global shows Shirley both before and after doing the programme.

This longer video tells you more about the programme. You’ll see Shirley again too.

Please contact me to discuss whether  may be suitable for you.