What happens at an appointment?



Your first appointment will last an hour. At this appointment I will take a detailed case history from you. This will include your medical history, transgender history and lifestyle. I will take some baselines of your voice and will teach you how your voice works and will give you tailored exercises to start you on the process of feminising your voice. None of this is physically invasive.

You may be asked to consult your GP about health issues that could be affecting your voice. If your voice is hoarse I will ask that you be referred to the ENT consultant (see here)

Specialist Software

You will be asked to purchase the Student Package of Sing and See software to use to practice at home. This software is available both for PC and Mac.

Click here to be transferred to the Sing and See website for a copy of the software.


Therapy appointments will usually last half an hour and tend to include following up on previous advice and exercises to practice at home.

Therapy sessions can involve quite a lot of problem solving to work out how to make the necessary changes needed to feminise your voice and become a more complete woman.

Sometimes therapy can be quite challenging for people as they think and learn about themselves in ways they have not done before. We will explore what type of woman you are now and wish to be in the future. I will support you through this process.