Hi and welcome to Speech Freedom

My name is Susannah Thomson and I am a private Speech Therapist in Bristol (UK).

Here’s a little info about me and how I work:

  • I am a therapist at heart and find it very difficult not to try and “therap” those in my life!
  • Helping people to “Speech Freedom” is SO rewarding.
  • Whether you need to free your speech, your feminine voice, your croaky voice, or your child’s anxiety, speech or language. I can help.
  • I tend to look at my clients as a “whole person” who needs to operate at their best in the world.
  • I’m immensely practical and try to find solutions with my clients, so they don’t have to avoid doing some of the things  they love, but that may have got them onto trouble with their voice.
  • If I give exercises I work out with my client exactly WHEN in the day they are going to do them.
  • I support parents of children with language delay, unclear speech and selective mutism. Often parents need huge amounts of support and someone to listen to them and their concerns. I have the time to do this with them.
  • One of the benefits of coming to see me, or another private therapist, are that YOU get to choose how often and for how long you have therapy.
  • I’d love to work with you and your family. Please get in touch for a “no commitment” chat. I’ll always try and find the best solution for you, even if it isn’t me.
  • And yes, my hair does change colour often.

I look forward to meeting you


07914 933 1660


My Qualifications and Experience

I graduated from Reading University in 1999 with a degree in Linguistics and Language Pathology (Speech and Language Therapy).

Unusually, I have continued working with both adults and children continuously throughout my career.

My adult focus is on voice therapy for hoarse voices and voice feminisation therapy for transgender people.

My focus with children for the last few years has been with the under 5s, but I also have plenty of experience working with school age children, particularly those with unclear speech.

I am a Trustee of the Selective Mutism Information and Research Association (SMIRA) and have been trained by Maggie Johnson and Alison Wintgens to support children and adults with selective mutism.

I am LSVT trained for Parkinson’s Voice Therapy.

I am also able to do reflux management support for those struggling with reflux and chronic cough.

I am an experienced trainer and can produce tailor made training for schools and groups.

HCPC_reg-logo_CMYKHealth & Care Professions Council,

please check my registration (number SL04614)



The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists



Association of Speech & Language Therapists in Independent Practice

  I am an LSVT Certified Clinician