Happy Customer – Transgender Voice

“The sessions I had with you increased my confidence in my voice no end. One measure of the success of your input is that I cannot think of a single instance when I have been mis-gendered during a telephone conversation. I completed all the physical aspects of my journey by the end of 2014, and since then it’s just been a matter of getting on with my life: I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.”

J, 2017


“Working with Susannah was instructive, confidence-building and fun. As an older transgender male-to-female, I found her mix of guidance, information and encouragement just what I needed as I transitioned publicly. We were able to talk together about the issues that matter and that affect more than just the voice; and she was sensitive and direct, so I felt I made quick but solid progress, and I now feel happy that I found my new and honest voice. And she was able to provide support through her links with other transgender clients. I was sorry when we completed the training – I’ll miss the sessions.”

M, 2017


“Susannah has helped to change my life beyond my voice; a lovely human and an excellent professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

E, 2017


“A review from a trans women perspective: Since coming out I have struggled with a passing, a large portion of this is due to my voice. Susannah has been more than professional, she has been friendly, helpful and inspiring, going as far showing me blogs of successful other trans women. Susannah tailored her lessons for me, explaining the anatomy of the voice in detail helping me learn how to control my voice, speaking in a manner much more like me.
I am ecstatic to say since learning to use my voice properly I have been able to pass much more efficiently, I can not thank her enough :)”
C, 2018