Happy Customer – Selective Mutism

“I am a mum of a child that has been diagnosed with selective mutism anxiety disorder.

I have been looking for a speech therapist that will guide us through the process of helping our child.

I have come across of few speech therapists but it was only Susannah who not only gave us knowledge but also worked out the right path to follow.

She helped me to incorporate strategies to help my daughter.

She supported me and guided me with her honest approach and emotional understanding.

She has pointed out things that we should work on as well as gave us ideas to apply in real life.

Susannah is not only a great specialist but also a very warm person who always gave me a lot hope and enthusiasm in sometimes frustrating and difficult process of helping a selective mute child.

She is insightful, very organized and has a wonderful sense of humor. I would highly recommend her!

Thank you Susannah!”

A, Dec 2015