Late-Talking Toddlers

Are you worried about your toddler’s language development?

Is your two year-old child not using two word phrases yet?

Do they use less than 200 words?

As children of this age are not able to do direct therapy, work is done though Parent-Child Interaction advice.

Together we can Free their Language

Toddler Language

By two years old children can usually use 200 words and talk in two-word phrases.

It can often only take a couple of sessions to get a child with few words communicating more.

Catching a language delay early can make all the difference to their future.

Sometimes toddlers with limited language can be thought to be being aggressive as they run around pushing their friends over! This is generally because they don’t yet have the language to negotiate playing together. This behaviour disappears once they can communicate better.

You can find lots of brilliant information about language development on the Talking Point website here.

My Language Development Pinterest board has loads of information too.

What happens at an appointment?

Appointments are available in your home, my comfy clinic in Stoke Gifford, or at the Wells Road Osteopaths Clinic in South Bristol

First appointment

Your child’s first appointment usually lasts for an hour. At this appointment we will discuss your child’s developmental, medical and language history. It is generally best for this to be in your home.

I will observe and may formally assess your child’s language and/or speech abilities. I will give practical advice and arrange a follow up visit.


Therapy appointments will usually last half an hour and tend to include following up on previous advice and making small changes. Home practice is play based using your own toys and books.

NHS Liaison

I am happy to work in conjunction with any NHS Speech and Language Therapist that is working with your child and will need permission from you for this. We would decide between us how to work together. Sometimes this may mean the NHS therapist might take the lead, sometimes they may concentrate on school and I may work with you at home.

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