Parkinson’s Voice Therapy

Do you have Parkinson’s disease?

Approx 90% of people with Parkinson’s develop speech problems in the early stages of the disease.

In later stages 100% of people have speech difficulties.
It is easier to learn the techniques for a stronger voice in the early stages and then maintain it in later stages, than to start working on your voice once it is a big issue for you.

Do people complain that they can’t hear you?

People with Parkinson’s speak quietly, but don’t realise that they are doing so.
They think that the rest of the world, including their dog, has gone deaf!

Does your voice sound hoarse?

Does your face lack facial expression?

I can teach you how to Strengthen your Speech

The LSVT Programme

is evidence based, internationally recognised and NICE recommended in the UK for voice problems associated with Parkinson’s disease.

It is an intensive programme of therapy sessions, based on exercise science, that retrains your speech and voice in a way that, research has shown, still has benefits two years past the end of therapy.

The aim is for clients to be able to use their stronger, clearer voice at home and work, on the phone and wherever else they need to speak.

The positive effects of LSVT can also impact on facial expression and swallowing.

After therapy LSVT clients need to continue to practice a short set of exercises daily.

This short video from LSVT Global shows Shirley both before and after doing the programme.

This longer video tells you more about the programme. You’ll see Shirley again too.

Please contact me to discuss whether  may be suitable for you.

The strong evidence base for LSVT assumes that all the elements below are included.


This is a two hour appointment to make sure that LSVT is right for you and to gather baseline information.

You will also be referred to an ENT Consultant to check that your larynx is healthy prior to undertaking this exercise programme. This can be an NHS or private referral.

Therapy sessions

There are 16 hours of therapy spread over 4 weeks.
One hour daily for 4 consecutive days a week, eg. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
I can accommodate running therapy on Monday to Thursday, Tuesday to Friday, or Wednesday to Saturday.
Therapy sessions can be held either in clinic in Bristol, your workplace or in your own home, to suit each appointment.


On therapy days you have around 20 mins homework to do.
On non-therapy days you have around 30 mins homework to do twice a day.
Some homework elements are the same every day, and some are changed daily.

Maintenance Exercises

After therapy has finished, you need to to exercises daily to maintain your speech and voice.

Follow up

I will contact you every six months after therapy finishes to check you are maintaining your speech and voice.
You may sometimes want a top-up session.

Please see the  website for more information.

What happens at an appointment?


The assessment session takes two hours.

It consists of:
Baseline measures of your voice taken using specialist software
An interview about your health and life.

Having a family member or carer at this appointment would be helpful.


Therapy sessions are conducted 1:1 with the therapist and client.

The hour long therapy session is an hour’s physical exercise for your voice, split into short blocks of different activities.
The format is the same at every session, though the materials used change from day to day, and week to week.
The therapy is conducted using the LSVT Companion specialist software.

You will be encouraged to use your stronger voice from the first day of therapy.

LSVT – Fees and Payment

Assessment Fee:

2-hour appointment: £170

Therapy Fee Options:

Pay-per-week at my standard hourly rate, due at the start of each week.

Weekly fee (4 hours): £340
This would total 16 hours: £1360


LSVT Package, paid in advance: £1200 (plus £170 Assessment fee)

Payment is by cash or cheque at the time, or PayPal payment to

This is due prior to your appointment.

There is no travel charge for LSVT appointments at your home in Bristol (BS postcode area).

Fees include:

  • Therapy folder
  • Exercise materials
  • Individualised daily homework sheets
  • Use of specialist software for assessment and therapy sessions
  • Six-monthly follow up phone calls
  • Email and phone support
  • Loan of LSVT Homework support DVD
  • Two 15 minute advice and information sessions for your spouse or carer at the end of two appointments

If you would like to book an assessment session, please see the appointments page for further information.

Software and other useful bits and pieces

Though not essential you may want a way to measure the loudness of your voice at home:

LSVT Companion Software (LSVTC)

If you like the software in clinic, you have the opportunity to purchase a home/client edition for you to use at home.
It collects all the data you need.
This is only available to clients working with an LSVT therapist and costs around £250 including delivery. It is shipped from the USA with a calibrated microphone.

I charge a setup fee of £40 to load your homework onto the database. You would need to install the software on your PC.

Please see the LSVT Global website for the system requirements and more information on LSVTC.


dBSPL digital meter

iPhone or iPad app


I can loan you a copy of the LSVT Homework Helper DVD, and it is available to purchase from LSVT Global.

Happy Customer – Parkinson’s Voice

Making a decision to see a Speech Therapist is not easy, so it was with some trepidation I first went to see Susannah, I was interested in Loud Voice Therapy, which is for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease,

I needn’t have worried. Susannah is a joy to work with. She is encouraging, direct, and with a warm personality. She is also experienced and loves her work. By the end of the course, I felt much more confident about talking and armed with the exercises, was ready to face the world.

M, October 2018