Selective Mutism

Are you, or your child unable to speak in some situations?

Some people have an anxiety disorder called Selective Mutism.

This means that in some situations they talk freely (often at home) and in others they do not talk at all, or only a little (often at school).

Together we can free your speech

I have been trained by the UK’s experts in Selective Mutism, Maggie Johnson and Alison Wintgens, and can help diagnose and treat this socially crippling condition. I work with both adults and children and have had great success supporting parents via Skype sessions.

I am proud to be a Trustee of SMiRA, the UK Selective Mutism Charity.

Check out their brilliant Facebook support group as well.

How to get Help for Selective Mutism

I designed this infographic with the SMIRA committee. It illustrates the main ways to get help for SM in the UK. Feel free to have a browse. You can download them in colour or black and white from the SMIRA website here.

What is Selective Mutism Therapy like?

See page 2 of the infographic above.

Much of the therapy for children is done by supporting their adults, rather than therapy sessions with the child.

What happens at an appointment?

Appointments are available online via Zoom


Your first appointment will last an hour.

At this appointment I will take a detailed case history. This will include medical history and lifestyle and speaking situations


Therapy for Selective Mutism is often done by parents in conjunction with school.

My role is to educate, guide and support you and school. I have a training package for schools.

Sessions for teens and adults involve problem solving to work out how to make the changes needed.

Sometimes therapy can be quite challenging for people as they think and learn about themselves in ways they have not done before. I will support you through this process.

Selective Mutism Training

I can offer an Introduction to Selective Mutism – for primary schools. Live, via Zoom.

You may have discovered that there a very few therapists working with teens and adults with SM.

I have developed this specialist training Working with Teens and Adults with Selective Mutism – for professionals already working with younger children with SM, as well as people with SM and their families.

As of November 2022, 20 therapists have now completed this training.

Click the link below for a list of these therapists, they are a mix of NHS, independent and are from a range of countries.

Working with Teens and Adults Contact Information for trained professionals

Currently I have an online, live training session on Thursday 29th December 2022, 10-12 GMT, timed to catch families when they are not working.

Therapists and families are all welcome.

Click below to purchase your tickets on Eventbrite.

Working with Teens and Adults with Selective Mutism training

Please contact me for more details.

Happy Customer – Selective Mutism

I am a mum of a child that has been diagnosed with selective mutism anxiety disorder.

I have been looking for a speech therapist that will guide us through the process of helping our child.

I have come across of few speech therapists but it was only Susannah who not only gave us knowledge but also worked out the right path to follow.

She helped me to incorporate strategies to help my daughter.

She supported me and guided me with her honest approach and emotional understanding.

She has pointed out things that we should work on as well as gave us ideas to apply in real life.

Susannah is not only a great specialist but also a very warm person who always gave me a lot hope and enthusiasm in sometimes frustrating and difficult process of helping a selective mute child.

She is insightful, very organized and has a wonderful sense of humor. I would highly recommend her!

Thank you Susannah!”

A, Dec 2015

I just thought I would update you on F’s progress. He has been so so brave and has come in leaps and bounds. On Tuesday he managed to do a school presentation in front of a video camera and one of his friends. He has started to read aloud in class at an audible level. Next year he will be going into year 4 and the school and I will continue with his bravery chart, communication book and added support.
Thank you Susannah as without your initial help/advice we would not be where we are today with a young boy who is growing in confidence. 
Kind Regards, 
G, July 2018

I have been suffering from selective mutism for years. Daily activities such as social interactions at work, grocery shopping, or even answering phone calls made me extremely anxious. I had considered myself as a hopeless case until I met Susannah, who helped me to realise and better understand my feelings and thoughts. Susannah is very knowledgeable and empathetic. Her therapeutic tools, which I have implemented into my daily life, helped me to speak again! I am immensely grateful for her support and would not hesitate to recommend her to those, who like me, struggled with selective mutism.
A, 2021

Thank you Susannah for helping my 20 year old twin daughters get through University with their Selective Mutism. Susannah has shared her amazing techniques which my daughters now incorporate into their daily life to increase their confidence and achieve any goal. Susannah has proved that anything is possible.

X and Y have just received their University results.  They have both received a First Class Degree.

I just wanted to thank you for all the help and support you have given. They wouldn’t have achieved these results without your guidance.  Thank you for helping with the support plan. It really helped reduce their anxiety during their final year.

The day after our last session together, Y received a phone call from the hospital.  They had arranged a date for her surgery which was the following week.  She was able to speak to the doctors and nurses and even spoke to other patients at the hospital.  She was able to stay in the hospital for three nights without being allowed any visitors.  She is still recovering from her surgery  as it was a very big procedure so it has been quite a stressful time.

X managed to do her 45 minute music recital and was surprised as she did not have much anxiety whilst she was performing. She was originally really stressed and anxious however she used your amazing techniques which helped her on the day.  She was scared of walking through the door and entering the stage after hearing the bell. She was also worried about the sound of the bell.  She gave everything a number and worked on reducing the numbers.  Every day she spent around 10 minutes standing outside the door of the recital hall.  After many attempts the number started to reduce.  She also bought a bell to practice hearing the sound and walking through the door. She kept repeating until it was boring.  All of your techniques have really worked and we talk about them every day.

Since finishing University they are still working hard with their tasks.  They have both joined the gym.  They have been attending different classes and doing things that make them uncomfortable. I just can’t thank you enough for everything you have taught them.  They are hoping to start their driving lessons soon too which they are anxious about.  They do still find lots of things difficult but always use your techniques to break down each task.

N, mother of X and Y, 2022