Software and other useful bits and pieces

Though not essential you may want a way to measure the loudness of your voice at home:

LSVT Companion Software (LSVTC)

If you like the software in clinic, you have the opportunity to purchase a home/client edition for you to use at home.
It collects all the data you need.
This is only available to clients working with an LSVT therapist and costs around £250 including delivery. It is shipped from the USA with a calibrated microphone.

I charge a setup fee of £40 to load your homework onto the database. You would need to install the software on your PC.

Please see the LSVT Global website for the system requirements and more information on LSVTC.


dBSPL digital meter

iPhone or iPad app



I can loan you a copy of the LSVT Homework Helper DVD, and it is available to purchase from LSVT Global.