The LSVT Programme

The strong evidence base for LSVT assumes that all the elements below are included.



This is a two hour appointment to make sure that LSVT is right for you and to gather baseline information.

You will also be referred to an ENT Consultant to check that your larynx is healthy prior to undertaking this exercise programme. This can be an NHS or private referral.

Therapy sessions

There are 16 hours of therapy spread over 4 weeks.
One hour daily for 4 consecutive days a week, eg. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
I can accommodate running therapy on Monday to Thursday, Tuesday to Friday, or Wednesday to Saturday.
Therapy sessions can be held either in clinic in Bristol, your workplace or in your own home, to suit each appointment.


On therapy days you have around 20 mins homework to do.
On non-therapy days you have around 30 mins homework to do twice a day.
Some homework elements are the same every day, and some are changed daily.

Maintenance Exercises

After therapy has finished, you need to to exercises daily to maintain your speech and voice.

Follow up

I will contact you every six months after therapy finishes to check you are maintaining your speech and voice.
You may sometimes want a top-up session.


Please see the  website for more information.